Brian Swanick

Brian Swanick

Marketing Consultant & Paid Advertising Specialist

Let's Face It

Your marketing isn't where it needs to be

Lead Generation

Chances are you need more leads or you need better leads. I can fix both.

Paid Search & Social

PPC ads aren't just a box you check, they tie in with your customer's decision cycle and have the potential to scale quickly with your business.

Marketing Automation

How are you nurturing potential customers? I utilize CRM's like HubSpot to guide customers through their decision process.

Meaningful Reporting

No marketing department is complete without proper reporting. I work with CEO's and Marketing Managers to help build out measurement that translates to business results.

Google AdWords

AdWords Certified and seasoned with budgets of all shapes and sizes.

Google Analytics

Analytics Certified. Greek to you, sweet nothings to me.

Facebook Advertising

Let me show you how to open the floodgates on leads.

Joke Delivery

.00001% just didn't stand out enough.


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