Brian Swanick

Brian Swanick

Marketing Consultant & Paid Advertising Specialist

Face It

Your marketing isn't where it needs to be

Lead Generation

Chances are you need more leads and you need better leads. I can bring you both.

Paid Search & Social

PPC ads aren't just a box you check, they tie in with your customer's decision cycle and have the potential to scale quickly with your business.

Marketing Automation

How are you nurturing potential customers? I utilize CRM's like HubSpot to guide customers through their decision process.

Product Management

A great product is the foundation for a successful marketing program. Let's build a product that customers want to pay for.

Google AdWords

AdWords Certified. I can handle budgets up to $250k/month.

Google Analytics

Analytics Certified. Greek to you, sweet nothings to me.

Facebook Advertising

Let me show you how to open the floodgates on leads.

Joke Delivery

.00001% just didn't stand out enough. MARKETING.

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